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sometime ago, when I requested an address at I got this unusual profile:

mrpotani “Please send me an altered card. You can take any postcard and add stickers to it or glue a short newspaper or magazine article or the news headline of the day or a crossword puzzle you’ve completed.You can draw on the card, paint on the card or doodle on it with markers. If you have a card of someone’s face, you can add mustache and googley eyes. You can pour lots of glitter on the card to make it sparkley. You can scratch up the front of the card with sandpaper. You can run over your card with your bicycle or car or truck. You can tear your card into tiny bits and tape it back together again. You can put layers and layers of tape over the front of the card so you can hardly see the picture any more. You can punch holes all over the card. You can run your sewing machine over the card with or without thread. You can spill soda or coffee or beer all over the card. You can wrap bandages or ribbons or thread around the card. The goal is to change your store-bought or free card so it doesn’t look the same any more. Tell me what you did and whether you liked or hated doing it.”

this is a complex request, I tried to fulfill her request. I always wanted to make every receiver happy with my cards. So I think it’s great to give her collage postcard. I cut it from Concept magazine. When the postcard arrived, she liked it! yeayy :D

She replied:

"Thank you for your AMAZING altered card! It is genius!!! I have visited your country a few times and have friends there. It ranks among one of my favorite places to visit."

and she insert my card in her blog, check it at: 

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